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Buildings - Houghton Flour Mill [Image #:MS051-042-005-001]

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Christine Holland, Archives2/5/2009 10:03:37 AMShortly after the turn of the century a group of enterprising citizens of the Houghton area formed a stock association called the Houghton Mill and Elevator Company. The company had about 200 share holders during its short lived operation. Prominent people such as Paul Swift, Corbin Douglass, J. H. Rice and John T. MacNamara were active in the company's management. The mill was constructed in 1919 and went into operation in 1920. The mill incorporated two milling units: A 25-barrel mill for rye and barley flour and a 50 barrel mill for processing white wheat flour. The mill closed its operation and the business and property was sold to Milo Slagg in 1925. Slagg continued milling white wheat flour until 1922 when competition with some of the larger mid-west mills made it unprofitable to continue. Barley and rye flour was milled occasionally during the next 30 years. Slagg passed away in 1949 and Mrs. Slagg managed the business until 1960 when she sold out to Curtis Eggleston of Houghton. He operated the feed mill business until 1969. [Daily Mining Gazette Article - Tuesday, November 6, 1973]
Anonymous12/28/2009 10:11:50 PMName:Bob Brown
MTU Class of:1953
It was on the lake front just down the hill from Franklin Square. It was run by Milo Slagg and his wife during the 1930-40's. I think Milo died and Julia, his wife, continued to run it. Seemed like the main man in the actual operation was Curtis __________ or something like that. May have been Eggleston whose father was a plumber in Houghton. (as i remember it and it gets foggier each year....) However, the location is right. If you went down the hill from Franklin Square, the old Carroll Foundry was on the right and the Flour mill was just ahead or slightly to the left.
Anonymous12/28/2009 10:12:27 PMName:Jerry MacInnes
MTU Class of:
I'm not sure but I think the flour mill was on the Houghton waterfront west of what is now the Super 8. From the photo it appears to be across from the ski hill. The Hamar Quandt lumber yard was in that area also. When we arrived in Houghton in 1956 a family by the name of Curt Eggleston, members of the Presbyterian Church, were connected to the flour mill "family".
Anonymous12/28/2009 10:21:48 PMName:John Hermann
MTU Class of:1964
The responders are generally correct. The Houghton Flour Mill was located where the park service buildings are now, on the easterly end of their facility, between the tracks and the shoreline. It operated into the 50's and maybe longer. Curt Eggleston was the owner in the 50's and likely to its end. He was active in the community. The foundry mentioned in one of the responses was located to the east on the other side of the tracks, into the hill. I believe the foundry building was the original home of Superior Block Company before it moved to the Isle Royal Sands. The machinery was located within an old wooden building that was likely part of the foundry operation. From an old foundry building to a successful business today, a great example of american capitalism.
Anonymous12/28/2009 10:23:03 PMName:Lorraine Konosky
MTU Class of:
Bob Brown is the closest, the Houghton Flour Mill was were the Park Service buildings are now and Milo and Julia Slagg owned it and when Milo died Julia kept the mill running as her husband taught her and the men that worked there respected her. Julia Slagg sold it to Curt Eggleston (he was with the City of Houghton). He ended up closing the mill.

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Title: Buildings - Houghton Flour Mill
Photographer: Gagnon of Gazette
Date: November 6, 1973
Description: The Houghton Flour Mill will soon be a thing of the past. The Isle Royale National Park owns the building and will remove it in preparation for a new headquarter structure. [Exterior view of the still standing building. Please see comment section for further information.]
Source of Description: Daily Mining Gazette Article [Cataloger]

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