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Campus location [Image #:Book LD3328H3-xxi-1]

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Anonymous5/14/2009 1:58:50 PM"View of the Columbian Shelden Mill, which was located slightly west of present MTU campus and east of Franklin Square, 1868," --Michigan Tech Centennial (1985), p. xxi
Anonymous6/11/2015 2:37:21 PMMaybe Tech's mascot should have been the "Bulls"!

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Bibliographic Information

Title: Campus location
Photographer: Unknown
Date: Unknown
Description: Approximate location of campus, Mills Shleden Columbia Mill 1868, Donated by Joseph H. Carah [Bull standing in a field with mining buildings in the background (Michigan Tech Centennial page xxi)]
Source of Description: Back of photo [cataloger]

Wildlife Utilization
Number of Pieces: One Piece(s)
Medium: photographic print;
Color: B&W;
Size: 8.5 in x 11 in
Polarity: ; Positive.
Contents Note:
Local Note(s):

Donor: Raymond Smith
Institution: MTU Archives
Collection: Centennial
Collection #:
Image #: Book LD3328H3-xxi-1
Condition: Good