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Old Phoenix Shaft 13 [Image #:MS042-062-Z-440]

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Old Phoenix Shaft 13  (600 x 600 DPI) | Add to Storage Bin


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Bibliographic Information

Title: Old Phoenix Shaft 13
Photographer: J.T. Reeder
Date: Unknown
Description: Old Phoenix Shaft 13 [A photo of an abandoned shaft. The framing from a shafthouse is visible along with some early hoistig machinery.]
Source of Description: Reeder Negative Database [cataloger]

Metal Trade - Copper Industry and Trade - Copper Mines and Mining
Historic Sites - Historic Mines
Number of Pieces: One Piece(s)
Medium: glass plate;
Color: B&W;
Size: 10.0 cm x 12.5 cm
Polarity: ; Negative.
Contents Note:
Local Note(s):

Donor: Harry Reeder
Institution: MTU Archives
Collection: Reeder Photographic Collection
Collection #:
Image #: MS042-062-Z-440
Condition: Good