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Kearsarge [Image #:MTU Neg 02347]

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Anonymous2/10/2010 10:29:47 AMIf this is in fact the S. Kearsarge mine this would be shaft #1.

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Bibliographic Information

Title: Kearsarge
Photographer: Unknown
Date: Unknown
Description: View of Kearsarge. Strike Scrapbook. Print #123 [A view of soldiers camped out in front of a massive shaft-rockhouse. The hoist house and pulley stands are in the background while a small structure on a poor rock foundation appears to the right. A large trestle begins high up on the shaft-rockhouse and a number of utility poles are visible.]
Source of Description: Negative notebook database [cataloger]

Metal Trade - Copper Industry and Trade - Copper Mines and Mining
Armed Forces - Soldiers
Number of Pieces: One Piece(s)
Medium: glass plate;
Color: B&W;
Size: 17.7 cm x 12.7 cm
Polarity: ; Negative.
Contents Note:
Local Note(s):

Print located in the C&H photo collection #123
Donor: Calumet and Hecla
Institution: MTU Archives
Collection: C&H Photographic Collection
Collection #:
Image #: MTU Neg 02347
Condition: Good