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Jeep in Douglass Houghton Hall [Image #:Acc-05-023D-001]

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Jeep in Douglass Houghton Hall  (600 x 600 DPI) | Add to Storage Bin


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Anonymous5/6/2008 2:53:31 PMThe Jeep belonged to me. The event was quite an experance. In the photo I am on the right helping to direct the car and Jack Lockwood is in the drivers seat. The Tech Adm wasnt too happy regarding the event. Then, Dean Partlow ( sp ), wanted to expell me for good but then put me on probation for a long period. -- Guenther Frankenstein, MTU Class of 1954
Anonymous11/17/2008 1:36:18 PMI remember the incident quite well. As a matter of fact, I was in Houghton just last month with my new wife, and while there I took her on a tour of Douglas Houghton Hall to show her the room I lived in 57 years ago. Then, while standing in the exact same spot as depicted in the photograph, I proceeded to tell her about the night a group of students drove Gunther Frankenstein's Jeep up the stairs, through the door, and in to the hallway. Her reaction was, "An unlikely tale if I ever heard one. Gunther Frankenstein indeed. You don't actually expect me to believe such a story do you? I suppose the next thing you are going to tell me is that Dr. Frankenstein then looked at the Jeep and shouted 'It's alive! It's alive!' ". As well as I remember the incident, I don't remember anyone taking a picture. Nevertheless, is that me - the first person against the wall - to Gunther's immediate left? When I first saw the picture in the Alumni Newsletter I thought to myself, "That looks like what I think I used to look like 60 years ago." Whether or not it is me - or rather whether or not it is an image of what I think I looked like way back then - I can't say for certain, and it really doesn't matter. The fact that I still have a clear recollection of just about everything that occurred during my days at Tech is good enough for me. Now, if only I could remember what happened yesterday. -- Donald Johnson, Michigan Tech Class of 1953

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Title: Jeep in Douglass Houghton Hall
Photographer: Unknown
Date: Unknown
Description: [A photo of a Jeep inside of Douglass Houghton Hall on the campus of Michigan Tech. An attached note reads as follows: "Bob, Doug Houston sent me this large print and two others. Dates back to June, 1951 when they drove Frankenstein's jeep up the stairs (by tennis courts) and parked it in front of Rm. 151. Maybe this belongs in your archives somewhere!! Tom Hruby".]
Source of Description: [cataloger]

Buildings - Dwellings
Number of Pieces: One Piece(s)
Medium: photographic print;
Color: B&W;
Size: 34.3 cm x 26.8 cm
Polarity: ; Positive.
Contents Note:
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Donor: Bob Leonard
Institution: MTU Archives
Collection: MTU Photographic Collection
Collection #:
Image #: Acc-05-023D-001
Condition: Good